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Website Development

Is your business ready to establish an Internet presence?  Does your current website need an upgrade or a complete redo?

Working with you to understand your needs, we can design and develop a low-cost, robust, and eye-catching website solution that exceeds your expectations while giving your potential customers a very positive impression of your business.

Built From Scratch

Depending on your needs for a website, we can provide a custom website built from the ground up.  This service is billed based on hours accrued for the development work.

Choose a Premade Template

If you require a relatively straight-forward website, this option can be very cost efficient with a quick turnaround.  This service is billed based on a flat-rate estimate up front.

Maintenance & Updates

We will continue to work with you to provide on-going maintenance and updates to your website as necessary.  This service is billed based on hours accrued for the work. 

The Process


The first thing we’ll do is discuss your needs and expectations in order to document the requirements for your website.


Then we’ll work together to lay out the site to best represent your business and meet your requirements.


Before development begins, we’ll look back at the requirements and layout to ensure we’re still on track to meet the needs of your business.


Finally, the website is built according to the design to meet your needs and provide an impressive presence for your business.

About Us

We’ve Been Building Websites for over 20 Years

The developers at Technology Solutions of Texas have been in the computer business forever.

Our experience includes technology support for businesses in the energy, financial, software, HVAC, education, self-storage and direct sales industries.