Blockchain Technology partnering with Oil and Gas Producers to dramatically improve their respective carbon footprints.

1. Innovation

Mobile and Liquid Cooled.
Our mining and advanced computing systems have been developed onto a  containerized mobile platform that can be deployed anywhere in the world w/ the cheapest power.

Our unique and proprietary software architecture allows us to integrate all components of the FULCRUM ecosystem  into a simple and powerful farm  management and automation solution.

2. Coalitions

Two Industry Challenges.
One Solution.
We’re creating coalitions with Oil/Gas producers to deploy highly efficient natural gas generators to generate significant electricity with near-zero emissions for mining while dramatically assisting in disposing of flare gas In tandem with their carbon footprint reduction, we will also generate carbon credits for those Oil/Gas producers.

Future plans for hydrogen derived from flaring We are active in regulatory  collaboration and see it as a strategic advantage, not a hinderance.

3. Sustainability

Two Environmental Challenges.
One Solution.
Our natural gas generator will drastically reduce the flare wells direct release of methane, black soot and other greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. The same  could be applied to utilize landfill and  biogas to generate electricity.

Each solution becomes a learning library and lab for a future-focused regenerative ecosystem of opportunities.

If policy makers take a cautious approach and foster a pro-innovation environment, the rewards for consumers, investors and all Americans are likely to be great.”

– Jordan Ramis “Cleaning Up Cryptocurrency:
The Energy Impacts of Blockchains”

Let’s Talk

If you’d like to be a part of the fledgling movement to fully realize de-centralized  mediums of exchange as they move us  toward a sustainable, if not regenerative future, we would love to meet you!

Blockchain + Sustainability Fully Realized

FULCRUM Enterprises Inc. is a coalition of passionate and experienced professionals with strong backgrounds in decentralized finance, traditional finance, energy, business strategy, brand strategy, and regenerative
systems thinking.

We retain strategic relationships with regulators, technology providers and trade groups and have excellent client relationships and references.


Jeff S Cornthwaite
Co-founder, FULCRUM Ent.


Scott Cowles
Co-founder, FULCRUM Ent.


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